Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wow, what a weekend and then some!!

I know, I said I'd post by Sunday am, but things got crazy here in the real world. I'm planning on getting a freebie out to y'all some time today!!! I have some different things I'm working on. I'm going to have to just pick one of them to finish this am and get it on here for y'all this afternoon!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and weekend, hope everyone stayed safe! I can't believe it's already Tuesday!! I got lost this weekend and yesterday we went to Dallas on the TRE, with family. Had a great time, and enjoyed the train ride. Please give me some time this am to get things going again, I'm a little out of routine and trying to get back on track. Just check back later this afternoon, as I'll have a nice little freebie for you. Until then, if you haven't checked out my other posts, or if you are new visiting my blog, there's lots of freebies already posted! That's all for now, just wanted to tell you that I'm still alive after the holiday and the weekend. I'll post that freebie just as soon as I finish it for y'all. Take care! :D

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