Friday, December 01, 2006

Todays the last day for....

Your last chance to get these posting bonuses for using my Christmas Satin Paper Pack in a LO and sending me the link to it!!!! If you haven't done so yet, today is the last day!!!! I'll be picking my winners tomorrow morning! I'd hate for you to miss out, so make that LO and email me the link or the LO!! Good luck to everyone!

I've been busy making a special Christmas Kit to give away on my blog this week. That's why I haven't been posting anything. Plus, we got hit by the Arctic Blast and got some snow and ice as a result of that. It's been in the teens with the windchill, but I think it's going to warm up to 40 degrees today! This isn't typical for us Texans, at least not in the Ft. Worth area! LOL. If we're lucky we get a dusting of snow once a year! It isn't nice when we do get either. No one knows how to drive on the ice/snow and there's some many accidents on the roads.

Anyway, I just wanted to post that today is your last chance to get these posting bonuses. And so far no one has emailed me, so your chances are pretty high of getting them if you want them. LOL. I'll see if I can work on something for everyone to have tomorrow! I hate not having a little something for everyone on here. I sooooooo appreciate the comments, and you all coming by my blog!! Please don't forget to leave some love for me, to keep me going! Take care and see ya tomorrow morning!

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