Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good Morning and BRRRRRRRRR!!!

Good Morning Y'all,

I hope everyone is safe and staying warm. I'm so tired of being cold, can't wait for this winter blast to end! This is Texas not the north pole!!! LOL. OK I got that out and I might feel a little better now. ( Not really, cuz it's only like 26 degrees and feels like 16!!! )

I wasn't able to do hardly any work this weekend, but I was able to start another kit. It's called Hearts Galore, and yes it's a Valentine's day kit. I wanted to start this one, cuz I want to stay busy and creative. I really enjoy making these kits and I love the feedback I get from you all. I'm still going to do the other one too. But I need help picking the colors, so be sure to vote on your favorite colors. It only takes a second.

Here's the preview of the first part of this Hearts Galore Kit:

I hope you enjoy this new kit! Please remember to read my terms of use and do not share the link or any of the files with your friends, send them here to my blog to retrieve themselves. Thank you for your understanding.
A BIG thank you to Stephanie Shimerdia at http://www.brushes.obsidiandawn.com for the use of her brushes! You do awesome work!! Thank you for allowing us to use your brushes!
Here's the download link for part one of Hearts Galore Kit . Enjoy!!!


Scraps of Bev said...

Although I'm not downloading your super kit (I have so much waiting to be used at the moment!!) I did just want to let you know how lovely it is and so beautifully made.

By the way if you really want 'wet. & cold' weather you should be here in the UK today where it is only 10 degrees - we think this is warm for our normal winters - hope you warm up soon.

Angelsothername said...

I'll be bringing more of this kit out today, working on uploading the files now. Keep checking back!

myscrapbook said...

nice flowers.tfs