Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Huge Thank You To You All

I just wanted to post a special thank you from me to you all!!! You all have been such great encouragement and have left me wonderful comments about my kits! I'm so grateful for you all, and I must say that I love coming to my blog and reading your comments. It really makes it worthwhile to me to spend the hours working on kits for your enjoyment! Without your wonderful comments, I may have given up on this a long time ago. But now, I strive you keep up and keep bringing you the wonderful kits and colors that you like so much. I must say that I'm quite impressed with how many hits my blog has had over the last week, especially the last few days!! That's awesome, and I never expected my blog to become this popular so fast! No matter what changes I do decide to make in the future, know that I greatly appreciate each and everyone of you for the time you take to leave me some love ( or comment, hee hee). It's the little things like this that mean so much to us designers, as a lot of you already know! I'm so happy that I can create kits and elements for you all to enjoy! I hope that you all have a safe weekend, and stay warm. We're already getting slushy rain here and it's only going to be worse tomorrow. I hope to be able to get some work done on a new kit for you this weekend, only if my daughter will allow it, lol. I'll see you back here on Monday!! Thanks again for you're wonderful comments, please feel free to leave a suggestion if you have one. I'm pretty much open to try anything, if you have any requests, drop me a line! Until Monday....... hugs!!!! Angel


Anonymous said...

Wanted to leave you o ne big oh comment for all the godies!!
You do AWESOME work!!! I will be back for sure!!
Huggies~ Ressa

Angelsothername said...

Have I said that I really hate that I switched to the new version of blogger? LOL