Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good Monday Morning!

Good Morning Everyone,
I'm sorry but as of right this minute, I don't have anything to give away! :( This weekend was horrible and my daughter wasn't sleeping very well at all at night! She's cutting 2 bottom teeth at the same time, and I was up with her one night 6 times!!! Needless to say, I wasn't able to work on anything at all this weekend! But I'm going to try to start my new kit today and I'll try to get something posted for everything shortly! I tried to work on something last night, but I just couldn't concentrate being so tired and all I could think about was going to sleep! LOL. But I'll get something new going soon, I promise! I just wanted everyone to know that I'm still alive, and sorry I didn't post this weekend! Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! Don't forget to check back later this afternoon. :)


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Angel:)
Soooo sorry your little one is hurting.:( Hope you both find time to rest.
Don't worry about the freebie right now..rest up!:)


Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Angel - It is rough when you don't get a good nights sleep but hopefully you'll catch up soon.

I honestly don't know how you manage to get done as much as you do..Thanks for popping in on my blog very much appreciated.

Look after yourself and I'll catch up with you soon..

Angelsothername said...

I'm sorry but as you can see, I wasn't able to get anything done today! I'll try again tomorrow.