Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Morning Everyone,
I've made some ribbons for you to add to the collection for my Cowboy Romance Kit. 1 ribbon is just plain grosgrain, and the other has a lacy edge. I hope you enjoy these ribbons and playing with the whole kit. I'll see about making some more element to go with this today, but I seem to have developed Carpel Tunnel in my left hand. Which I'm left handed and it's hard for me to do much right now. I'm trying to get used to wearing a wrist brace for carpel tunnel, it seems to help, just restricting!! I'm so thankful to have made something that everyone is just so pleased and really enjoying! Thank you for all of your comments that you have left for me over the weekend and still pouring in. They really do mean a lot to me right now. To read the LOVE that is being said about my designs really makes me feel better. Thank you!! Here's the download links using 4shared Here or file2upload here. I hope you like them. Please leave me a comment if you decide to download them. Thanks so much!! Hope you have a great day!!

Angel :)


Lynn said...
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Scrapcat4914 said...

Sorry to hear about your wrist will keep you in my prayers!!!
Thank you for the pretty ribbons

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon Angel.:)
Thank you sooo much for the wonderful ribbons to go with your fantastic kit.:)
Soo sorry to hear about your wrist.:( bummers.I have a bad left wrist too..but I am right I can still do a lot.It has tendonitis.When that flares can really bother me.When it flares up..I make sure I wear the wrist brace at night while I am sleeping.It gives my wrist time to relax and not bend.I get up with it feeling a lot better.Maybe you could try this and see if it helps any.???


Sweet Pea said...

Thanks so much for the ribbons! Your generosity is greatly appreciated, especially now that I know you did it through the pain! Hope your wrist improves!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the pretty ribbons! Take care of yourself! :)

Christina said...

Thanks so much for the cowboy kit...How is your family member? I said a prayer for her.

PSharp said...

Great ribbons. Thank you.