Friday, March 09, 2007

Lillie's Spring Kit Flower Stems

Good Morning Everyone,
This morning I'm giving you my brush/hand drawn Flower Stems. I've made these using my mouse pad and mouse from basic brushes to draw and fill. I hope you enjoy playing with these and the rest of Lillie's Spring Kit. I want it to be fun, not just for us but for the kids to look at too. :) I'm working on some flowers that will go on these stems, although, it might be a few days before they are ready for download. So keep your eyes open for those soon. It really depends on how much time I get to work on these and my daughter too. Anyway, I really, really want one of those doodle tablets!!! LOL. I love to doodle, but it's hard to do it with the mouse and pad. Maybe some day, my b-day is in April! (Probably won't happen, though... LOL) . But you never know, especially when it comes to my boyfriend! :)

Lillie is getting so big, just amazing and gets into everything lightening fast. She's so close to walking and when she does, she'll be off and running!! Yikes!!! LOL. It was so funny the other night she was bear crawling around the house!! She was wearing a little summer dress and her knees were "stepping" on the dress as she crawled, so she figured out if she bear crawled that wouldn't happen! I wish I would of taken a pic!!! Darn it!!!!!! LOL.

Ok enough of my blabbing, but it's FRIDAY!!! LOL. ( no really, that's enough!) Here's what you have been waiting for so patiently. Using 4shared, you can download my flowerstems here. PLEASE REMEMBER DO NOT SHARE MY LINKS OR THE FILES WITH ANYONE!! Send them to my blog to download for themselves. You may link my blog, if you would like, that's ok! :)

Enjoy and I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Take care and Hugs,

Angel :)


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Angel:)
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment and also for telling me you had added some more to this kit.:) I love the doodle stems.Thanks soo much:)
I have a suggestion of how you can doodle and have a ball without using the mouse to do it....wanna know?LOL
Do like I did before I got my wacom pad...Get a sharpy felt marker pen..(black)and a piece of printer paper..doodle away on that paper..then scan it to your paint program..crop out the at a time and then use the magic wand to make an object out of it...then edit and fill it with the doodle is sharper looking and all the white edges are gone.You can color these any color by editing and filling with your color choice.Have fun!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the cute doodle stems! Have a wonderful weekend.

Scraps of Bev said...

These are very clever and having just read Valinda's suggestions for creating similar I think I might give this ago myself.

Many thanks again for sharing!

myscrapbook said...

thank you for stems they go nicely with the flowers.tfs