Friday, March 09, 2007

Question for designers...

I've been wanting to get a wacom tablet/pad for awhile. Tell me which one you have, what size you use and why you choose the one you have? If you will! I just want to do a little feedback on this before I invest!
Thanks so much.


Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Angel I have had my Wacom tablet for years now but must confess to rarely using it!! The model I have will now be an old one and it is the small size approx. 8ins x 8ins.

I do have several friends who have the Wacom tablet & unlike me they use theirs all the time and wouldn't be without it. I think the important thing is when you first get it to keep using it and that way it becomes 'second nature' to you.

Let us know when you get it and how you're getting on with it.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Angel.:)
Actually my dh was using his a lot to paint landscapes with..when he got me a fancy new one..I traded the new one for his older one..because he used it more than I would.:)Ain't I sweet?LOL I have to confess..I have a time controling that pen.LOL.It is something you have to get use to.I would accidentally delete stuff and have to undo..I feel all I don't use mine for anything but practice right now.LOL But my dh loves his.His older one is like the 8x8 that scrapsofbev is talking about.Most of the time it is a paper weight.LOL I like to doodle on the paper like I told you..cause I can watch tv and doodle away and rest my eyes from the puter.:)But some people swear by them.:)

Have a great day!


ConnyB said...

Hi Angel, I don´t use a wacom tablet. I just paint things on a sheet of paper and scan them in if I make something like doodles :)
I hope you´re having a great Sunday :)

Angelsdigiscrap said...

Thanks Ladies for the time you took to explain and answer my questions. I appreciate it and it helps to have your experienced opinion in this stuff! :)