Saturday, March 03, 2007

Where has the week gone???

Good Morning Y'all,

I can't believe here it is Saturday morning, and the last time I posted was on tuesday? Where have I been and where did the week go??? LOL. Well let's see....

My boyfriend's dad ended up in the hospital on tuesday afternoon, he's been having heart problems for years and they just do a heart cath and see how much of hi heart is blocked and change his medicine then send him home! Makes me so mad..... and needless to say this happens about every 6 months to a year. He went into the hospital taking 13 medicines and came out taking only 4 now! They were thinking about having to put in a pace-maker and possible open heart surgery, but they believe that cutting his meds down will help. They said that they believe his heart rate was so low (40's) because he was OVER-MEDICATED!!!! Hello ya think so??? Geez I could of saved him the $8,000+ hospital bill and told him that!! LOL. So that's where I've been physically the last few days.

Lillie is still teething like crazy and the night before she was up and down all night long! After about the 5th time, I quit counting and just tried to get her to go back to sleep and pray she stayed asleep! Last night was a lot better she only woke up at 3:30am which is typical and then she fell back to sleep after eatting. And she actually let me sleep until 7:30am!!! That doesn't happen but once in a blue moon. She's usually awake at 6am and doesn't go back to sleep. Lil stinker! LOL.

My hand is feeling a little better, still aching between the knuckles now and then, but not like it was. It has never lasted this long, usually a couple days max, but not this time! I guess it's old age sneeking up on me! I know I'm not old!!! But my body isn't as young as my age or as young as it used to be! There's times I have to remind myself that I'm not a teenager or in my early 20's anymore! I look in the mirror and I'm like dang where did that wrinkle come from?? LOL. Then I'm like well I guess I shouldn't complain about it, because there's ladies that are younger then me and they look like they're in their 40's!! Growing older has been quiet nice to me over all. So really I must remember not to complain.

Ok enough rambling about that stuff.... I've been working on a new kit and it has turned out to be 2 different kits. Although I don't have anything ready to download today and probably not going to this weekend. I'll show you the colors of one of them! ;) Here's the color swatch for my Lillie's Spring Kit.

This is my daughter's (Lillie) first Spring, and she has a lot of clothes with these colors and they look so good on her. I've been wanting to make a kit that was for her and I knew that spring would be a good one to do it with. So keep you're eyes open for this new kit next week. The other one is coming soon too. But I'm not giving any clues to it yet! :)
Well, I guess I got us updated on everything that's been going on this week. As always, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi. Don't worry, I didn't forget about my blog, life has just been a whirlwind and I'm trying to get my feet back on the ground again. I hope you all have a weekend! :)


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Hey again.:) Loved your email.LOL
I had to come see what is coming next and I LOVE these colors.:) Can't wait to see what you do with them.:)
So glad to hear that you and Lillie are doing better.I bet she was just worn out from being up so much the night before...that's why she let you sleep in.:)
Take care of your hand.:)Be back after the weekend to see what's new with you.:)


Lisa said...

Glad to hear Lillie let you sleep in for a while and that your wrist is better! Love,love,love these colors and looking forward to seeing what you do with them! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Angel ...back from my hols and peeping in on all my blog friends to try a catch up on whats been happening...sounds to me as if you had a very busy time! Pleased to know that things are slowly getting better for you and hopefully your wrist will be ok very soon.