Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Freebie Ribbons

Today, there's not too much for me to talk about. It's been a quiet and yet busy day. Quiet as in not a bunch of company or phone calls, busy as in been cleaning, cooking pizza bagels, and playing with Lillie. ( I bought these mini sourdough bagel squares, and I made my own mini pizza bagels with them. They are much bettter then the frozen crap in the box from the store, LOL. )

Anyway, here's the preview for the Ribbons to go with the rest of the kit. I hope can use them. They are 300 ppi and 17 inches long. Enjoy!!Here's the Download Link.
By the way, Lillie is getting better now that she has cut 2 teeth through the gums!! Now just one more to go until the next ones come in. Why does teething have to be so painfull for them? And then the diaper rash from the medicines just make it worse. For the mom's that have tried everything even ointments from the Dr to clear up a diaper rash...... try pure Lanolin by Lansinoh, it's for breastfeeding mother's, but it works! Trust me I've tried it all and nothing was helping. I put this on her last night and this am it was already healing and 80% less painfull!!!

Happy Spring!

Angel :)

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Me again.LOL
Thank you so much for these colorful ribbons.This is turning into a really cool kit.:)

Have a wonderful day today.:)