Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I'm thinking that the best decision as far as me selling my kit(s), is to wait until I get back from vacation on May 15th! As much as I would love to start selling them today, I think it would be best to just wait. That way I'll be able to deliever the kit(s) to you in as timely matter as possible! I wouldn't feel right to have you buy the kit while I'm gone, and have to wait for me to return home to get it. So to make it fair to everyone we'll wait until after May 15th. I know you all will understand and hopefully agree that this is what is best for everyone. :)
This is how I have decided to sell my kits to you for the time being, until a better way is found:
(Many of you are familiar with Pay Pal and similiar purchasing situations. But for those that aren't, I'm explaining this so that there is no confusion/problems.)
I will post my kit previews with the list of what is included in each kit and all the details of size, cost, ect. in the same post there will be a Pay Pal button. This is how you will purchase that kit. Once I have recieved verification from Pay Pal that your payment has been recieved, then I'll email you the link to download the kit. You will have a certain amount of time to download the kit, before the link will expire and the password is changed. All of your payment info will be handled by Pay Pal only. I will not being handling any of that info. That way the transactions are secure and everyone feels comfortable with making the purchase for obvious reasons. If there should be any concerns before, or after the purchase, you are welcome to email me and we'll work through the concerns. I want this to go as smoothly as possible for us all. And if you should have any ideas on how we can make this easier, please email me your ideas/suggestions. Ok enough about all of that for now.

Some exciting news is that Kate was able to go home over the weekend!! She's having to stay with her parents for a few weeks until she's able to take care for herself again. I know that she is so excited to be home and out of the hospital. It's truely a miracle that she's finally well enough to come home. She was in the hospital for 82 days!! Welcome Home Kate!!!! :) I'm sure Kate is glad to be home! Thank you everyone of you that have sent us your prayers and thoughts.
God Bless!


Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Very exciting about selling your kits! I hope it's a very successful venture!

Have a nice vacation!

Anonymous said...

You could include previews of the kit in your blog and prospective customers could email you to order the kits. They could pay through paypal and you could then send them a link by email (include a password so its not ripped off).

Just a thought - although I don't know the logistics of setting this up.

Lots of luv