Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some of Lillie's B-day Pics

Notice I was not the one that took the pics!!! LOL.

This is the dining room area in my apt that I decorated with balloons, streamers, and a banner. You can see it, but there's a dining table covered with a lavendar tablecloth, with the punch bowl, cups, napkins and plates. Next pic is the cake that I baked and decorated. I don't claim to be a pro at cake decorating either!! LOL. Not the greatest pics, but at least I have pics right? Here's som more pics of her opening some of the gifts and eatting her piece of cake! :)

I hope that you enjoy the pics. I'm still trying to recover from the long weekend! I hope to be able to get into things tomorrow! Until then. Have fun and thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments you have left me for my newest kit! I really do appreciate everyone that has left comments!! It makes a world of difference! :)

See ya again soon,

Angel :)


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Evening Angel:)
Thanks for letting me know you have pics of Lillies Bday.:) Sooo cute!!The place looks terrific... and I think you did a great job on her cake too!:)She looks like she enjoyed it.LOL
I love her little bug popper toy.LOL..That is all I can think of to call it.hehe. I bet she loves it too.:)
Hope you are able to get rested up from all the excitement.Wow..a whole year old already..time sure flies.HUH?

Well..I need to start fixing the side dishes for the grilled chicken my DH is making for supper.:)

Thanks again.!!

Leslie and the boyz! said...

AWWWW what a DOLL!!!! Looks like you been a busy Momma:) Give her a kiss for me:) and that toy looks so fun.. my boys would be fighting for it I can already imagine it in my head. LOL

jburkhart said...

You can come over and make some of that yummy cake for my two girls next! Turned out beautiful, along with the great decorations, too! I really love that photo of Lillie eating her cake....heheheheheh, too cute! Guess oldest daughter's middle name is Ann, too - she was named that after my mom's middle name! Just a tid bit for ya.....don't mind my babbling!
Bet Lillie is having fun with that neat caterpillar toy?
Thanks for sharing some of the great photos of her special day with us - loved seeing them.
Have a great night!

Scraps of Bev said...

Oh my this looks like one fun party...nothing wrong with the cake I think it's lovely and wouldn't have minded having a slice of that with my cup of tea.

So glad you took pics and shared them with us...lovely memories for you to scrap.


SarahB said...

Happy birthday little Lillie! Looks like she had a fun time!

And congrats to you on the CT spot!

candiem said...

Hey g/f... I got one thing to say about this last photo...of you and Lillie... Listen up....
Just because Lillie is letting you help her open the gift doesn't mean you can play with it too! LOL

Look at that expression on her little face! NOW...THAT'S definitely a KODAK moment! How adorable!
And look at you, You must have been reading, it looks like you are really concentrating. lol I would "cherrish" this photo, let me tell you! Great pictures, ty so much for sharing Lillie's b-day with us!

OH! And did I tell you HOW MUCH I love that kit? LOVE the colors!