Friday, July 20, 2007

ADSR Challenge # 2 Completed!! Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo, we are officially finished with the 1st week of the ADSR Challenges!! The second challenge was to be a Collab LO using at least the following items: red, flowers, doodle, 2 pics and the word Friendship.

So here's our LO that we did for the challenge. Not bad huh? I think we did an awesome job. Here's the list of credits for everything used to put this LO together:

I used paper by Julie O's Dusted Blossoms kit to make the photo mats, Carla - MenuScraps Essential Brads for the center of the daisies, Pillowgirl's Scraps basic daisies, Grandma's Cabin Florish (re-colored) by Tracy Drane.

Michaele used bg paper and torn mat from Heartfelt Heritage Kit by Shelly Chua, state charms and tied ribbons from The Journey Traveled kit by Diane Isabell. And she made the wordart using the fonts SP Pretty Purkey and Will & Grace.

This has been an exciting experience for me to do this ADSR, what an experience! Thank you Michaele for being my partner! :) Hugs! If any of you are interested in leaving comments in our galleries on our LO's please feel free to do so!

Michaele's gallery is HERE! And of course mine is HERE! Enjoy looking at our LO's and cheer us on! WOO HOO!!


Take care and thank you so much for reading my blog. I'll have a freebie coming soon for you, so keep your eyes open for it! ;)

Happy Scrapping,



jburkhart said... was a ton of fun doing this layout together and it turned out fantastic....can't wait to see what our new challenge will be......thanks for posting my gallery so everyone can leave a little love if they want....GO SCRAPZONE ANGELS!!!!!!

Robbi1 said...

I agree 1000% It's gorgeous! Both of you did an excellent job on this collab on Friendship - its really neat - I love it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog Jenn its always nice to see someone stopping by. We had a blast and Kay really was a life saver! Those stairs go straight up the side of the living room to the loft and they are hard when you are not used to goin up stairs anymore! We love the old stove - and both of us love to cook - Especially Big Breakfasts! The oven is quite small tho - but what the heck - It will do just fine!
Take care now and have a great week! Hugs!