Monday, July 16, 2007

Holy Moley, where has the weekend gone? LOL. I can't believe it's Monday now, and today is the 1st day of the ADSR! Yikes!!! The race is on now! :) Good luck to all of the participants in the race! This is my 1st year in the race. My partner, Michaele and I are going to scrap our hearts out. :) Wish us luck!
This weekend has been extremely busy and unfortunately it wasn't the kind of busy I like! LOL. I wasn't able to create anything new for you this weekend. I tried just things came up and I had to be away from here. Sometimes that happens and what can we do? Family has to come first and always will. You all take care and I'll be posting again soon. :)
Happy Scrapping,


jburkhart said...

Yep, so agree.......Time to get racing.....the first challenge is up and we are off! I can't wait to see your layout....I am almost done with mine....will probably have it finished tomorrow and will send it to ya......hope you have a fantastic week and GO SCRAPZONE ANGELS!!!!!!

Scraps of Bev said...

Good luck Angel and Michaele with the race...I'm popping at times on the site to see the layouts you're all looks fun.

Love & hugs