Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wonderful story, the lowercase alpha set freebie

I would like to start out todays blog with a wonderful story! I was brought to tears after watching this story. What a beautiful story about both the fallen soldiers/families, and the wonderful thing that she does for each of them! Only if the world had more beautiful people like this Lady!!! To watch the story CLICK HERE !!! :)

I'll be sharing some wonderful LO's of the pics I took that made this story hit home for me, soon. I have to get the time to work on them, but I wanted to share this link and the story now. May ALL of our fallen soldiers NEVER EVER BE FORGOTTEN! God Bless each and every one of them and their families too. Hugs.

I also want to share my try at Michaele's July template challenge. Here's the LO I did of Lillie's 1st "real" 4th of July! Thanks for Looking!

Michaele Burkharts July Template Challenge at Deco-Pages.com, Michaele's portion of the Liberty Everlasting Collab Kit, Photos are mine. Fonts used are Dots and Dashes & Worstveld Sling.

Ok now that I said all of that and hopefully touched each and everyone that read/reads this post, I have a freebie for you today!

Today, I'm bringing you the lowercase letters to my alpha. These are also 300 ppi, 1 inch and saved in PNG format. The drop shadows are for preview purpose only! I hope you enjoy these alphas. You can download them HERE!! Scroll down to the previous posts to grab to the uppercase letters, and the papers if you have not grabbed them yet! ;)

Please remember to leave a little love for me if you download and thanks for stopping by and reading my blog today!

God Bless!



Sandie said...

Thank you so much for the link to the video~ what a beautiful story!! It makes you realize that there are still wonderful people in this world!
Thank you also for your great gift of the alpha today! I really like this kit, and your work is also appreciated!!

Robbi1 said...

Hi there Jenn - Darling layout of Lillie's first 4th! its adorable - just like her! Ya did great with the template, one of these days I'll have enough patience to learn how to do them, poor Michaele she keeps showing me and its not sinking in! I have tuts so I will do it. The story on the painter was wonderful, what a very special special woman! Thanks for sharin with us. My grandson is officially home now - well not quite, he's in OK but thats only 12 or so hours away - no longer overseas - AMEN! We are all vey happy. Well, better go -thanks again for the darlin alphas too and for stoppin by and leavin me some luv on my blog - much appreciate - Have a great week!

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Thanks so much for the lower half of this cool alpha!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!!!