Saturday, August 18, 2007

2 New Kits Up For Sale Now

Hello Everyone,
Yep, I've finally finished my kits, that I've been slaving away on for the last month. The first kit I want to share with you is my Baby Boy Kit. Here's the previews:

The Baby Boy Paper Pack has 8 papers, 12"x12" and 300 ppi, saved in JPEG format. The element pack contains the ribbons and bows and also some elements and wordart pieces. This preview for the elements/wordarts, didn't come out too clear, but it's only in the preview. I've placed them on papers, and it's clear on the papers. All are created in 300 ppi, vary in sizes and saved in PNG format.

The ribbons and bows contain 6 - 17" ribbons, 3 single bows, and 3 double tied bows. Drop shadows are for preview purpose only. All are created in 300 ppi and saved in PNG format.

You can buy this whole kit for $2.00 using my pay pal button on my sidebar, just under my blinkies. Make sure that you include your email address, so that I can send you the download links to the kit, after payment notice from pay pal is recieved.

And now for my 2nd kit: Summer Color Burst

This kit has taken alot of time for me to design and lots of playing with different Commerical Use products. The Element Pack contains 6 different elements, in 5 colors, giving you 30 elements! Each element is created in 300 ppi, and saved in PNG format.

There are 25 papers total in the paper packs. All the papers are saved in JPEG format and are 12"x12" and 300 ppi.

You can buy this entire kit for $3.00, using the pay pal button on my sidebar.

I would like to thank Blythe Evans for the Posh Posies used on the journal mats, also thank you KimB's Designs for the fancy floral overlays and also Atomic Cupcake for the action used. Both used in my Summer Color Burst Kit.

Thanks so much for looking at my new release kits. I hope that you have enjoyed looking at these wonderful kits, and I'm looking forward to filling your order today.


Robbi1 said...

Wow - youve been super duper busy Angel! Gorgeous is all I can say - WOW - WOW! Keep up the great work!

Helen said...

sorry to here about your hard times. the kits are nice, lean on god he'll help you through it. and i'll pray for you if you would like me to. just a little tip on the paypal buttons you should put them in the same post with the kits so people know what's for sale. you can come and look at my store if you need an idea. if you put the button on the side bar, put the preview above it. took me awhile to realize the buttons were for the kits in the posts. well just a tip, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. any way just want say how sorry i am for your loss. brighter days are ahead. love and joy helen.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Angel:)
I was sooo pleased to see you had come for a visit.My whole blog lit up.:)
You have been a busy bee with all this creativity.Your kits are so pretty!! Now I can see why you have hidden yourself lately.LOL
I just noticed you use PSE4 for your designing.I got that for Christmas and am just now starting to look at it.I feel like I am starting a new school in a different language.... Talk about baby steps.LOL I am soo use to just clicking on my paint program and getting it to do what I want.But it keeps crashing(FREEZING UP) for some my Dh wants me to learn Photo Shop.Do you have any problems with it crashing or freezing up on you? I don't want to go from the frying pan into the fire..if you KWIM.:)

Have a wonderful day!