Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I got an AWARD!!

Good Morning Y'all,
I'm being forced to blog this early, thanks to Val for giving me this Award!! It's truly an honor. :) I have recieved this award:

It's the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award! I have to post this award and then choose 5 others to give the award to. So with that being said I choose to award the following people:

2. Kyda

I'm just sharing the love! ;) I tried to go back through your posts to make sure you haven't already recieved this award. So if you have, I'm sry, I'll try to drink more coffee and wake up before I post! Hee hee. (Michaele, you have already been awarded, so I can't get you again! But I would have, if I could!) Don't want anyone to feel left out. :)

I'm also going to share with you my LO for challenge # 11 in the ADSR!

This is my LO for the ADSR2 challenge # 11.
Credits for my LO:
Lucky In Love kit by Michale Burkhart and can be purchased in her STORE, Ink Swirl Alpha by Chris Beasley, and the rose is from Heritage Rose kit by Fishinmom Designs. Fonts used are Tiranti Solid LET, Pump Demi Bold, and Park Avenue BT.
And here is my partners' LO and you can find the credits to her LO HERE.
We have only one more Challenge to finish and it comes out tomorrow! Then the race will be over until early 2008!! If you have enjoyed looking at Michaele and I's LO's, and would love to join the fun next season, you can keep checking this BLOG for more info. Thank you to all of my readers for the wonderful patience you have with me as we have been off in another world while doing the race. Things will get back to normal very soon. Hang in there.
Thanks for reading and looking at our LO's!


Candee said...

Angel, you are something else girl!!! Thank you so much for the award, and you're's the BEST time to give me something like this! Anytime you can make someone smile is the best time, and opening your note when I had just woken up was....well, a gift from an Angel.;)

I'm off to post it on my blog and pick my Rockin Girls. Thanks so much for this, and your note.

Ky said...

Wow!! I wasnt' sure anybody even went to my blog but me and my family! ;) I can't even tell you how great this makes me feel!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!