Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wow, another month almost gone and freebie!

Wow, I can't believe that the month of August is almost over already!! Where did it go?? LOL. Oh yeah, now I remember where!! I spent most of it doing the ADSR season 2!! I'm telling you if you have never done this race before you really need to join the next season, it's sooooo much fun. And the LO's that you leave the race with are really great memories too! I have finished the final LO for this season and I want to share it with you for 2 reasons! One it's my LO and two todays freebie is something that is in this LO, that I made!! So first, Here's my LO that I did for the final challenge in ADSR 2:
The challenge was to scrap lift 1 of our partners LO's from this race. The theme was to scrap about what you liked about the race! :)
Credits for this LO:
Scrap lift LO is found Here. I used the Sugar and Spice Collab Kit from bg paper and alpha are by Vicki Stegall, border is by Rebeccalynn, Florish, ribbon and fasten are by NKubo, Flower is AWall, paper used to make the shadow box is by CGibson, shadow made by me! Fonts used are Cataneo BT, Georgia, Odessa LET, and Tahoma.

So with all of that being said!!! Here's the preview of today's freebie! I made 10 different colored shadow boxes like the one in my LO for you to enjoy! They are approx. 12" x 6", saved in PNG format and made in 300 ppi. The drop shadows are part of the boxes. Pleaese remember to leave some love when you download! I hope you enjoy these shadow boxes! :)
Download them HERE. :)


Anonymous said...

Love the colors on the shadowboxes - thanks for sharing!

Jonimarony said...

Thanks so much for sharing these with us. Good luck in the race. I'm looking forward to season 3. I have loved looking at your race LOs.

Helen said...

great job with the race lo's hope you and michaelle win. i see you put the previews with your buttons. looks very nice. hows it going with your sales on it if you don't mind me asking. you don't have to awsener if you don't want to. it took me a while to get the first sale. after that it gets easyer. need any help let me know, helen.

Scraps of Bev said...

Sorry I've not been around Angel but I'm slowly catching up!!

It looks as if you had a great time with the 'Rcae' and between you and Michaelle you produced some wonderful creative layouts. I'm sure it was a busy time for you but perhaps now you can relax and enjoy doing your own digi scrapping for awhile..

Lovely set of shadowboxes and thanks so much for sharing...

love & hugs

Scrapcat4914 said...

Love your LO!!!
Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for these AWESOME SHADOW BOXES in a fantastic variety of colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom2mykids said...

Very cute, thanks!

Robbi1 said...

Those are darling - Love the colors! Thanks so much!

kat from ohio said...

Wow! All those colors! Thanks so much for sharing. These are wonderful.

Nancy P said...

I love these! Great colors too! thank you for this very nice gift!

~Autumn said...

My first visit, and wow these are great! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.