Friday, September 14, 2007

Exciting News!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I'm sure that you have been wondering where I've disappeared to again??? Well, I have some awesome news to share with you all!! :)

First of all, we're in the process of buying a house!! This is really wonderful news for us!! We live in Apartments that aren't really a great place to live with a small child. There's alot of trouble makers and crime that happens around here. Heck last winter in the snow, we had someone steal the tire and rim right off our car in the early morning hours!!! ( See I told you it's not a great place to live! ) Anyway, I'm tired of running off kids tearing the fence boards down in front of our apartment, just because by the time the police get here, the kids are long gone! What's wrong with these kids these days? Anyway, we'll have almost a full area of land for our daughter to run around on, growing a garden, having bbq's on the back porch. Just really looking forward to owning a house and getting out of the apartments!!! :)

And now for the really exciting news... Are you ready for this?? Are you sure? Nah.... you don't really care about this, hee hee hee. Ok, ok here you go!
I'm officially a DESIGNER!!! Woo Hoo!!! I've joined the design team over at Deco-Pages!! I'm in the process of getting a few of my designs into the store and set-up. This is a really exciting experience for me and I'm sure it's going to be wonderful to watch me grow as a designer. The team of awesome Designers over there have been wonderful to welcome me aboard and helping me with questions I have. ( Thank You Ladies!! )

Here's a few links so that you can keep up with me at Deco Pages. This is the link to find my new releases and updates on me as a designer: New Releases & Updates and here's a link to my designer gallery: Designer Gallery where you can post your LO's using my designs. :) I'm going to do my best to keep up my blog and I'll always post freebies here as long as I'm able to. I hope that you all will come and join us over at Deco-Pages. We have a wonderful forum full of challenges with great posting prizes and the Designers are really friendly! :) Come stop by and say hi to me!


IkeaGoddess said...

Great news. Wishing you lots of happiness in the new house and good luck on being a designer.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Evening Angel:)
Whoo hooo..congrats on the new house and the designer position.How totally awesome.:)I want pics of your new house.LOL
Don't forget to come see us little people once in a while.LOL
I am soo excited for you.Fantastic news!!:)