Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lots of New Things To Come...

Well, do you notice a few different things about my blog? Look closely, see it now? Yes I've made and added the banner at the top of the blog. That banner will take you to where you can purchase Club Deco Memberships! There's a 3 month trial membership which you can purchase and sample the membership and all the goodies that go with it. This is a great way to experience Club Deco without committing to a full year. You can try it out for 3 months and if you LOVE it like I know you will, you can purchase the full year membership. The full year membership gives you a MEGA kit to download every month for 12 months!! And these aren't kits that everyone on the net has, they are available to you first as a Club Deco Member. There's a major perk to this too. There's several designers that work on this kit, which gives you the opportunity to sample each designers style and taste. And also a great variety to the kits, so it's not all the same elements just in different colors. So if you are interested in joining the Club Deco Members, then make sure you drop some hints to that special someone! This is a really neat gift to give too!! If you know of someone that is wanting to get into scrapbooking, and doesn't have all the wonderful kits that we have, this would be a wonderful way to get them started. The gift that continues to give all year long. I know this would be a gift that they won't forget. For more info on the memberships, please click on the banner above and it will take you there. :)

I know you are wondering why I haven't been posting any freebies lately! Well I'll have 2 great contributions to 2 different Collab kits that are coming in December!! That's not far away at all. :) I also have been really busy with the upcoming holidays and family time. But I promise you this, you will be thrilled to recieve these GIFTS of the collab kits from me. What you want a sneek peek? Well ok maybe a little tiny peek. :)

Collab kit #1

Collab kit #2

Ok that's all you get to see for now. You will have to stay tuned for more info and possibly another sneek peek at a later time. ;) Happy Thanksgiving from me and my family to yours! (I won't to posting again until probably friday or the weekend) Don't eat too much! Hee hee.


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jburkhart said...

I got the chance to see more than a sneek peek and your collab treats are wonderful - everyone will love your parts, Jenn! Which reminds me I still need to finish the second one up a bit - it is missing one thing...will do that tomorrow, too! Ugh...guess I need to write down my to do list, huh!