Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hello Y'all,
I'm back again with more to share with you...but first I must say THANK YOU!!!! Thank you to all of you that have downloaded my contribution to the One Night In Bethlehem Collab kit!!! I've had 1490+ downloads since I've posted it late Nov. 30th! Even had almost 300 thank you comments! I had no idea that I'd have so many visitors and thank yous!! You all have been wonderful and thank you so much for taking the time to say thank you while you waited to download the kit. It truly does make a difference to read your comments. All of them are greatly appreciated!!! I hope you are enjoying the kit. :)

The designers at Deco-Pages.com has made another amazing 25 page 4"x 6" brag book album available for sale now! The album was made with our Dec. Club Deco kits, called The Giving Season!

Here's the preview of our Club Deco kits for this month:

You can still purchase your Club Deco membership and read more info about it by clicking HERE or clicking on the Deco-Pages banner at the top of my blog! :) Here's the LINK to the previous months bragbook album, (Scrap Buffet) just incase you missed it the first time I posted it! :) And if you saw last months Club Deco kit, and then this months, thinking wow, those kits are getting better and better.... wait until you see what's coming for Jan and Feb!!! Shhhhhhhh!!! I didn't tell you that though! Hee hee. They really are nice though. :)

Ok I know you have been wondering when I was going to post another sneek peek of the other Collab kit that's coming... so here ya go:
This is going to be another really nice MEGA Collab kit, so you need to keep your eyes open for it!! It's coming really soon!!! :) And lots of designers are joining in on this one too. Both of these Collab kits are only available for a short period of time! So don't miss out.

And finally, I just wanted to remind you to come over to Deco-Pages.com and visit Michaele's template challenge HERE!! She's got a great template for us to use for the challenge every month, and great posting prizes too!! Come check it out!! :) Ok I have to hit the PSE hard tonight, so I'm going to say good night for now. I'll be back soon though! Thanks again for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments for me!


Robbi1 said...

Hi Jenn, thanks so much for visiting my blog, always makes me smile when anyone visits, lol..I try :) the more I look at the tree, the more it looks crooked, but DH says its the photographer! So I will try and get a good shot with the lights on and the presents under. I know what thats like trying to get 1 or 2 good pictures - Michaele and I must have a billion photos between the two of us :) Ive always taken tons of phots and have them all printed up - up to Digital scrapping about 4 years ago, now most everything on cd's and my hard drives! We have the computer set to slideshow all pictures and boy we see some oldies, but its sure fun watching them.
I'm so glad Michaele and the family are close. We were so lost when they were in OK for 3-4 years it was misserable, but thank goodness for Email, phone, IM,and webcams and we even drove back there twice! (and flew her and the girls out 2-3 times for our fishing/reunion every June) My other daughter is about 1+ hr away also..thats one reason we bought up here instead of Lake Havasu, AZ where we had my Dads House :( Too hot, and too far from my girls!
Being a homeowner is quite a job! Hope you dont have too many things go wrong, we had our swamp cooler go out the 2nd year we were here and the house was only 3 years old! That we had to pay for but should have claimed it through the warranty that we pay for every year ...still! Just had to get a new one in a hurry because of the heat of summer and didnt want to run the AC - too expensive! Here I go rattling on...sorry.
Better go now its 9:30 and Criminal Minds is on and Im listening (re-runs tho) but I havent seen it cuz I watched Private Practice instead....
Have a great week and hope you get some great pics of Lillie.
Big Hugs

jburkhart said...

Hi Jenn!
Yep, those brag book pages turned out great as did the entire collection of kits! Wow....hope lots of people will pick them up - great deal on them!
Hope you have been doing good and getting lots done....I need to be getting more done, just haven't found a lot of extra time to get it all done...lol! Thanks so much for mentioning my template challenge...it was a fun one to put together and hope I get some to do the challenge - even though it is a busy month for everyone!
Well, gonna get back to catching up! Thanks so much for your blog visits and wonderful comments....big hugs to you!