Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm Alive, I swear I am!! LOL.

Oh I can't believe it's already January 8th!!! Where are the days going?? LOL. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, an amazing New Year's and having a great weekend so far. As always I fell behind on my work during the holidays, so I'm paying dearly for it now. LOL. I've been so busy trying to get my kits done, that I haven't even had a chance to do any new Layouts since the last one I shared. Hopefully soon though. :)

Well I'm a little behind, so bare with me. It's the beginning of the month and that means Club Deco has a new months kit for our Club Deco Members!!! This is a great month too!! Here's a preview of the collages of our kits for the month of January!! See what you can be enjoying for $3.00 a month, that's an awesome deal...

This month was Snow Much Fun to create for our members and I just love these colors!!! We have the Snow Much Fun Brag Book album available now too. I've really enjoyed creating these monthly kits, each month is a different theme and a different color pallette. I love seeing all the different kits that each designer has contirbuted for the month. And it's never the same thing twice! If you aren't a Club Deco Member and would like to become one, now is not too late to recieve January's Snow Much Fun!

Michaele has her template challenge posted and I can't wait to do mine!! I just love doing her templates. Please join us for her monthly template challenge in Deco-Pages Forums. Come look in her template challenge gallery and see everyones great layouts made with her templates. I love seeing everyones different takes on the same template. I never knew there could be so many different layouts created with the same template! ( LOL. I know you must think I'm stupid. But honestly I didn't know anything about templates 2 years ago and not even that much 1 year ago. I guess that proves that you learn something new every day. Hee hee. )

Speaking of Michaele... Check this out!!! She's having another Creative Team Call!! I know I love working with Michaele and we've become such great friends since I joined her team! If you are interested in joining a CT, this is one that you will not want to miss joining!! Michaele is a great person!! Stop by her blog for more info!! She's taking applications for her CT until January 31st!! But don't wait, once the positions are full it will be too late! I can't wait to meet the new members of the team! :) Wanna see some of her designs? Stop by her store and take a peek!

Well, I'm off to try to get some things done. I have been feeling horrible lately and then on top of that I get poison ivy from our backyard!!! Ugh!! Thanks to our dog finding some tiny holes to get out of under the fence! And did I mention that probably half of my backyard is wild brush and trees??? LOL. Yeah I know what was I thinking.... we won't go there though. Hee hee.
Happy Scrapping,


jburkhart said...

Making me blush once again, Jenn! Thank you for all the kind words and the "pimping" as they say in the design world! LOL! I know how hectic this last month has been....you are doing a great job and can't wait to see your new creations and layouts in this year! Happy New Year!!!!

Robbi1 said...

Just a quick hi, I know you are busy too. Getting ready for our Monthly trip and then when I get home, I get to get my 'office area' cleaned up as the "geek squad" is coming on Friday to Install my new Computer - I'm excited but very scared! Not only with the monthly payments but the new Vista program and not having my scrapping program Till I figure out which one will work with Vista I love my little Hallmark Program, no fuss, so if I can find it I will try and reinstall it, if now will have to buy something very simple! Costco has Elements 6 on sale in a week also, so another option there, but will see what the puter has on it first.
Well, I sure hope you start feeling better soon :( and poison Ivy on top of it -yikes, no fun at all. I think Michaele can tell ya all about little ones not taking naps- lol huh....Its rough, especially when Mommy is not feeling well and needs some quiet time too! Take care now and ttys.
Hugs, Robbi