Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ADSR3 Challenges 5 & 6 layouts-

Well, I know I said I was going to get back into blogging again, but it seems Lillie isn't going to really let me. I try to post when I can, but I'm also really busy with my DD too. Please forgive the lacking of posts....

I've got challenge layouts for the ADSR3 to share with you today:
We had to interview an inanimate object which was quite different and although I had to think it was a lot of fun to do! You can read the credits for this layout, here!

I choose to interview a muscial figurine that was my grandmothers. I'm not sure who gave it to her, but it has been around for a long time. And when she passed away I had to keep it in the family. :)

Also here's my partners' layout for the same challenge:

I just love how Michaele put together this layout for the challenge. And I really love the kit she used too! You can read the credits for this layout, here! Didn't Michaele do an awesome job on it? :)

Now Challenge #6 was a roadblock challenge!! Only one of us could do the challenge, and since there's 2 in the ADSR, I choose to do the first one this time. We had to choose ANY layout that our partner had ever done, and then here's the twist... we had to scraplift it, reverse it and flip it!!! I totally loved this challenge and it was a wonderful change of scraplifting too!! Here's here orginal layout, her's was summer beach and you can find the credits for this layout here!

And here's my layout for the challenge:

I really enjoyed doing this challenge and I'm going to try to remember this challenge and do it more often! I strongly recommend it to anyone that has scrappers block, or if you just want to try something new!!! You can find the credits for this layout here!

Well that's all I have to this week. I'm working on a killer (hard) challenge #7 and #8 was just posted this morning!! Yikes, I have my work cut out for me now. I'll post when I can.
Happy Scrapping,

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