Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sorry for not posting sooner....

Hello Everyone,
I'm sorry for not posting sooner, but there's been a family emergency and my FIL is back in the hospital. He had a stint put in last week and then was released, but went back this morning with pains and pressure. They did another angiogram and said that he'll need to have by-pass surgery in about 3 wks. So if I'm not keeping up here, this is the reason why.
Now on to happier things...
Here's all of my layouts that I've completed in the ADSR3 since the last post:
Challenge # 7 LO - We had certain things that each team member had to include in their LO. This is mine with the list of required items in bold. You can see my partners' LO for this same challenge here.

Credits for this layout: All from the CT Appreciation Mega Kit...

1 photo matte- paper by Kanga (Sarah Senoir)
2 staples- by Megan Farrow
3 photos- are mine all from when I was 17
4 stitches- 2 by Christine Nash, 1 by Claudi Designs and 1 by Danielle Engebretson Designs
5 random elements- frame by Lindsey Jane Designs, notepaper by BuzyBee Scrappers Designs, sheer ribbon wrap by Wendy Page, ricrac by Osten Wilkens, and Fabtab by LPIKE (no tou).
6 flowers, stars cardboard items- 1 from each PixelD, Ruby, Kris Myers and Beth Kern, and 2 by Sara Amarie.
7 papers- 1 by kathryn Wilson, 1 by Alice Koh Designs, 1 by Colie Cornerand 2 each from and ARD(no tou).
8 buttons- 2 each from LP3 Dog Designs, Mikkie Livanos, Cherie Shields and LBC(not tou).
9 glitter/gems/sequins or bling- glitter frame by Lindsey Jane Designs, jewel bow by Brandi White Designs, flower bling by Erica Zane, Star and Heart Sequins by Eva Kipler, glitter splatter and dangle gem by Kelli Puddy, sequin circle by Becki Kress, bauble by ktd (no tou).
10+ lines of journaling: A note from the desk of an older, wiser you...Don't stress over the little things. Listen to your guts feelings, it's for your own good. Learn to relax and rest some, you can't keep going full steam ahead forever. No matter what happens, stay in school, it's so important!!! There's so much to experience in life, don't put things on hold for any man! It's not worth it!!!
Challenge #8 LO -
This was an interesting challenge for us... We had to use only B&W photos and journaling was about one of our most memorable trips and had to include a few words from any song that would relate to your layout, the title could be one word only. You can see Michaele's layout for this challenge here.

Credits for this layout are:
If you look closely in the middle photo there's a train going by. Song lyrics used It Comes Natural by Goerge Strait : Sun shines, clouds rain, train whistles blowing...
I used Oscraps collab kit Lucky and fonts used are Nueva Std, Rockwell and Goudy Stout (title).

Challenge #9 LO -
I really liked the idea of this challenge, but once I tried to attempt it, I found myself totally out of my style, box and mojo!! LOL. It took me almost until the deadline for the week to complete the challenge. Some of what I remember about this challenge was we had to use Altered Art to create a layout. It sounds easy, but try it!! LOL. I must say though looking at this layout now, I like how it came out. Love those vintage photos!! You can see Michaele's layout for this one here.

Credits for this layout:
Vintage photos from Art-E-Zines
paper by Lifesong Kreations
floral paper by Tallula Moon Designs
paper and folder by Dea Spina @ Digitals
hyacinth flower by embleem ( Irene Brown )
fiber cord, bow and button by Raspberry Road Designs (Java Joe Kit)
key (ribbon removed) and flower from ADSR Collage by Tangie Baxter Designs
tree from Totally Grungy, club deco ptp by Paris Designs @ Deco-Pages
leaves and pink and lavender flowers by Connie Crook
font used is Eras Light ITC.
Challenge #10 LO- ROADBLOCK!!!
This one was Michaele's turn and here's the layout that she created! This one was a work of art and imagination from what I heard. They had to create a layout using 50 different elements no more then 2 per designer!!! Layout was based on building a better you. Awesome work Michaele!!

Credits for this layout:
Colleen Lynch - Paper, Mini Coaster Squares;1 Embossed FlowerAgnes K - 5 Different ButterfliesTina Williams - 3 flowers, 1 Sun, 1 Photo MatKelly McDonald - 3 brads, 1 Metal Flowers Vine, 1 Tricolored Circle MatAmanda Carter - 1 Bee, 2 Worms, 2 BirdhousesKim Jensen - 1 Cloud Cluster Sticker; 1 Kite; 1 Ribbon Knot; 1 Tag; 1 StitchingTerrellS - 5 Different Flower StickersAmy Knepper - 1 Felt Garden; 3 Gemstones; 1 Pink FlowerMrs. Schmuck - 5 Different Jeweled PetalsFlow (Good Life) 2 Flowers; 1 Key, 1 Staple; 1 Bling & PearlsFonts - Augie
Challenge #11 LO-
They took it easy on us time around and the only requirement was that our layout had to have wings in it somewhere, some way. Like insect, bird, or otherwise. You can see the layout that Michaele did for this one here.

Credits for this layout:
All are from Grateful4U CT Appreciation Mega kit;paper for flower pot by Lisa Majewski,flowers by Buzy Bee Scrapper Designs,bg paper by Christina Wall,overlay paper by Julie Bullock,butterfly sticker by Debbie Fisher,butterfly wings by Beth Kern,doodle by Sharia Braxton. Font used was Papyrus Bold.
Final Challenge #12 LO -
This was a fun way to end the race and I really enjoyed this one! One member of the team did the journaling about one of the greatest accomplishments we've made and arranged the 2 photos. The other member of the team had to scrap it all.

The credits for this layout:

kit used: NDIS The Road Less Traveled Collab Kit - ADSR Prize from EZane, AStevens, THernandez and TaniaJPS, Border template by Thaty Borges. Fonts Used: Adobe Caslon Pro, Elephant and Book Antiqua

Thanks so much for bearing with me through this almost month long lack of posting. Now you can see that I've just been extremely busy and hard at work. Congrats to all those scrappers that won the Grand Prize and runners up prizes! It was a great race and we had a lot of fun. Thank you Michaele for being my partner again this season! I think we both have grown through these challenges. Great Job Partner!!

Well this is all I have time to post tonight. It's off to bed for me and start all over again in the morning! :) Happy Scrapping! And thanks so much for stopping by. Don't forget to say hi so I know that you were here!



Robbi1 said...

So wonderful to see you on your blog. I know you have had a lot on your plate, but doing your blog may be good therapy :) I Miss you!
I sure hope your father in law gets better soon, no fun when older parents ets have those kind of problems, Sure Hope I can stay healthy for a while longer, its always scarey when ya get older! Sometimes its no fun. Our prayers are with you and your family and hope all goes well with the surgery. Love all your layouts, have been following them in the gallery. You and Michaele are such a great team! Beautiful work! Well, it is getting close to my bed time, but I do have a layout I am working on and a QP for the QP exchange at CLD, my first exchange, I'm sure having fun - just not enough hours in a day. Well Sweetie, I will say goodnight and big hugs to you and Lillie - Keep us posted. Luv ya

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Angel..
Leaving love so you know I was here.:)
Soo sorry to hear about your FIL.The date on your post is the tenth.Is there an update? How is he doing?
Your layouts are awesome.! What a long list of things to use.:)The credits alone would take up my whole blog post.LOL
Have a wonderful weekend!