Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Template Challenge LO, Special LO

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you all have had a safe and fun filled Memorial Day Weekend. I did get some work done in the scrapping world and also around the house too. Here's the layout I did for Michaele's template challenge. If you haven't been over to to check it out, you need to do that!! Michaele does an awesome job on coming up with a new template for us to work with every month! Thanks Michaele!! :)
Here's the layout: Credits for this layout can be found HERE!
As many of you know, and some don't know, we just moved into a new home in Sept. '07! We haven't even been here for a full year yet, so we're learning all kinds of new things about our new home and yard. Well, we have tons of birds, squirrels and other wildlife that is slowing coming in to meet us.

In this layout I took pics of a Red Cardinal's nestlings and guess where she decided to nest?? Right out side my garage door in my Honeysuckle Vine (and above the only "real" rose bush I had that was here when we moved in.)! When I say real, I mean there's some other type of roses here, but I think they are just wild roses or something. Anyway, I went to water my rose bush and was cutting off some of the dying buds, as this will help the roses to keep producing more buds. And there was this HOLE in my Honeysuckle Vine!! As I looked closer I saw the next, and looked closer, and there was already eggs in it!!! WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?? Now some of you may not think anything of any of this and not think it's exciting, but I do. I've always loved the wildlife and birds. But what made this so special is that I'd been working so hard trying to bring the birds back into our yard after we did all of this brush clearing. (That's in a previous post which can be found here if you are interested in hearing about that adventure! LOL.) And I never dreamed that one would be nesting so close to my house, where I'd be able to enjoy the babies grow up. Now I must say before anyone freaks thinking I was touching the babies or anything.... I WASN'T TOUCHING THE NEST OR THE BABIES. And the only way I was able to get these incredible photos is thanks to my new camera with 18x Zoom ability and 23 settings. I love this camera!!! :) Also this is our 1st Spring in our new home! So I made this layout to share and capture the memories of it forever. Thanks to the hobby of digital scrapbooking!! Something that I didn't make note of in the layout is that these babies were gone 10 days after hatching! Can you believe that? And guess what? Momma bird brought them back to visit me the other day, they're almost full grown now. I can't believe how fast they've grown up. I knew it was them, but Momma bird had a special marking on her that I could see to identify her from the rest of them. And she had all 3 babies with her and they were still doing the wing fluttering that the babies do. It was so cute. Now all that is left is her empty nest in the Honeysuckle Vine, which will remain there. :)

Well can you believe it's almost the end of May already?? Geez, where in the world is time going? I can't believe how fast the days and weeks are flying by. Well I'll be back no later then June 1st with the beginning of the month info. You know the Club Deco, new challenge info and all of that. Hey I might even have my newest kit in the store by then, who knows! LOL. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will say hi and come back soon.
Happy Scrappin',

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