Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I know it's been a little bit since I've posted, sorry about that. I've been so busy with Lillie, life and yardwork. I spent the entire day working in the yard, we have a major issue in the backyard that is bugging the you know what out of me!! Here's a couple pictures to show you what I mean:

As you can see, when we moved in the backyard was well over-grown with who knows what and a complete mess. Well we spent $900 to get it all cleaned out and here's the afterwards pics:

What a huge difference right?? Well we've been fighting to keep it all cleared out like this. And in the process, I learned (the hard way of course), that we have massive POISON IVY!!! So after I suffered about a month with this horrible, painful rash, I learned to stay out of it. LOL. Now I've been on a mission to rid my backyard of this stuff, did I mention that it's not easy?? I've tried mowing it to ground level, weedeater and I don't know how many different sprays I've tried to get rid of this stuff. I tried something new out by Round Up, for poison ivy, oak and sumlac!! I'll let you know if this works! It's only been 24 hrs and it's already showing signs of dying! This is to be continued.....

Now I've slacked on keeping you all up to date with my new items in the store and showing the Club Deco stuff on the 1st of every month. Along with that I've slacked on the ABC Challenge info too. So I'm going to share that with you now, hang in there, it will be worth it! :)
Here's the preview for the Grungy Overlays:

I have a new Commercial Use Okay product in my store, and it called Grungy Overlays! These are completely orginal, never before released overlays made by me at 300 dpi and 12"x12", saved in JPEG format only!

And you can buy these overlays on sale right now until May 17th for $3.99!!! That's 20% off the market price!!! So hurry over to my store at Deco-Pages and grab them now!!

Next up, I have my preview of my own contribution to the Club Deco's Mega kit for May!! We did it along the theme of Mother's Day! And you can grab my contribution AND many other talented designers' contributions when you become a Club Deco Member today!! Hurry this month's Mega kit is only available until the end of the month for our members!! After that you will have to buy each designers' contribution in the store and it will cost you $$$ to collect them all! You can go HERE to find out more info on becoming a Club Deco Member! Here's a preview of a small portion of the Club Deco Mega Kit - Mother's Day.

Are you still with me? LOL. Sleeping doesn't count!! So wake up!! Hee hee. This is important so pay attention now...

You all know that I've been hosting the All NEW ABC Challenge over at for 4 months now! And I've had a lot of great people join in and really look forward to my challenge!! :) I'm so thankful to have such wonderful participates! They truly don't know how happy they make me! (hugs) Ladies you all are wonderful and I want to thank each of you for participating in my challenge every month!! You can see the awesome layouts that these wonderful ladies make every month just for my challenge in this gallery! We have some really wonderful and talented people in our Community at Deco-Pages!! If you go to the gallery, please leave these ladies some extra love!

Here's the previews for the alpha
and posting prize for the May-July '08 ABC Challenge:

If you would like to join in my ABC Challenge to receive this wonderful kit as a posting prize, you can find out how, here!! I'd love to have you all join me there! :) Well I think I have bored you enough. So here's a little freebie for you all to enjoy for making through this majorly, longgggggg post!
This freebie is no longer available, but you can purchase it in my store HERE!
Please remember to leave some love for me. All I ask is that you do NOT share the files or link to the download. Please send them to my blog to get it for themselves!! Thanks so much everyone!

Happy Scrapping,


Robbi1 said...

Gorgeous freebie Jen - need to unlock it tho :) I Love it and love the color and all the beautiful papers and elements - so pretty. DOnt work too hard and stay out of the Poison Ivy - I sure hope it works, let me know.
Big hugs and Happy Mothers Day!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Tirza said...

Very pretty. I love lilacs and will enjoy this kit. Thank you

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this LOVELY kit!!!!!!
Good luck with getting rid of the posion ivy I sure hope it works!!!!!

jburkhart said...

Hiya Jenn! Thanks so much for the mention (always appreciate it), your yard has come along way since you first moved in, huh? Now comes the hard part of keeping it all looking like that! Good luck getting rid of your poison ivy - that stuff is no fun, for sure!
Loving your new CU overlays and your beautiful new kits....I can't wait to get started on the ABC challenge and working toward earning your gorgeous Treasured Kit! I love the colors and the pretty elements!
Wow and you are giving away Lilac kit, too! What a special Mother's Day present! Thank you so very much!
Thank you for your friendship and for all the great time we have together!
Big hugs and Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Jeansul said...

Thanks for this great kit.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Angel:)
Surprised to see me again?LOL
I love that big back yard! You have done a lot of work out there.:) Sooo sorry you got into the poison ivy.That stuff is awful!!:( My Mom had it in her yard and it took a while to get rid of it.She would cut the vine at the roots and it would die back until she had to do it again...just in case the poison doesn't work.:)
I visited Deco Pages and got your two page qps.Thank you soo much.:)I almost forgot to come back and say hi and thank you.I do that on a link and forget where I was.LOL
Oh..I also tried the link to your Lilac Potion and the password doesn't work.Am I too late?:)
I love your challenge layouts! If I had to choose my favorite so would be #4. It's gorgeous and you can tell it was done with soo much love.:) I love pics that show emotion or actions..something other than staring into the camera.:)Makes you wonder what they were doing or thinking at the time.:)
Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day.I had intentions of visiting my blog friends and wishing them all a Happy Mother's Day (before the day)..but didn't make it this time.Is it just me or is time speeding by at a pace we can't keep up with?:)


debbie ( beckmoore) said...

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