Monday, June 02, 2008

June's Club Deco kits, Sharing LO's, and more...

Hello Everyone,
I'm so excited about our new Club Deco kits for June!! Check this out, here's the preview to my contribution, and there's many more too! If you aren't a Club Deco Member, look what you are missing out on every month!! Come join us over at and enjoy this kit and all benefits of being a Club Deco Member today!
And while you are there at, don't forget to stop by my store and pick up my NEWEST RELEASE!!! Baby Dreams is still on sale for 30% off the regular price, but hurry the sale price ends on June 6th!
And now I have the layout I did for Michaele's June Template Challenge, also at!! This template was alot of fun to work with and my only challenge was to find the right kit for my photo. LOL. Then I remembered that I had For Nadya, which was a freebie kit from Bunny and KimB! Thanks again ladies. :) You can find the rest of the credits for this layout in my gallery.

I let my DD play in the sprinkler last week for the first time, and all I can say is I've created a monster!!! LOL. She's a natural water puppy anyway, but this was the coolest thing she's experienced (to her)! I had to chase her down and take the sprinkler away, because she didn't want to come in the house. LOL. I got some cute pics of her though. Although, I think this is the only one of her actually looking at the camera!! (As you can see, she was trying to get me wet too!) Lil stinker. :)

Oh yeah, she's a lil stinker all right!! I got proof too! LOL. This is a layout I did using my contribution to the June Club Deco kits! This poor lil rose didn't stand a chance against my DD!! It was so close to opening, yet never did! BTW, this is one of the roses that Bobby, bought me for Valentine's Day! So it was an extra special rose, and she picked it!! LOL.

And here's another layout I did, also used my June Club Deco kit to make it!! And I also need to add that I made those pink & orange flowers and I sell the template in my store!! :) Isn't is pretty? The Tulle Flower Template is for both Personal and Commercial Use and is still on sale for just $2.99 only until June 6th!! The roses is this layout are NOT from my backyard! These are from the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens, Rose Gardens! I actually made it there to see them in bloom this year. Finally after trying for 3 yrs! LOL.
Well that's all I have to share with you tonight. It's almost bedtime and I have a ton of emails to go through. LOL. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I miss hearing from you all! I think I can hear my own inner voice talking to me, because it's so lonely here. HINT, HINT!! LOL.


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon Angel:)
I was shopping with my DD when you stopped by.:) I love your layout with Lillie.How cute! It's a lot of fun when they discover new things like that.:) But you must wear something you don't mind getting wet.LOL She is growing up sooo fast!!:)Wait til she discovers she can make you laugh really hard when she sprays you with the hose.LOL
I love your Baby Dreams Kit too.The colors are so soft and pretty.:)Thank you so much for sharing your Baby BBP's with me!!
Your Garden Party kit looks wonderful too.So bright and cheery.:) Lots of cool things to play with.!!
Your layout of the Cardinals is fantastic.I bet you were thrilled to get such awesome pics.:) I built a birdhouse( myself)hehe and it thrilled me the first time I saw birds nesting in it.:) Each Spring they would come back to nest again.:) The birdhouse finally rotted from the weather as the years went by..but I will never forget that day I saw the Mama bird bringing straw etc into it for the first time.:)You did an excellent job in capturing the memory of yours.:)'s been a busy day and even gonna be busier later when DH and I go to my Mom's to uninstall an updated paint program for her(that my brother put on her puter) and reinstall the older one she is use to and wants back.LOL
Have a fantastic rest of the day and thank you so much for letting me know about your pics of Lillie.I love seeing her grow up before my eyes:)


Kim B said...

AWWW- girl that LO is AWESOME and she is a REAL CUTIE PIE!! I used to love playing in the sprinklers when I was a kid. Your Garden Party kit is AMAZING! LOVE the freshness and cheery feel!
Thanks for stopping by and sending huge hugs