Monday, July 07, 2008

A Week And Still Counting...

Hello Everyone,
Have you been wondering what happened to me? Well it's been a really, realllllllly long week for me!! No matter how much you hear it and how often you do it, you think either it's not going to happen to you OR you have everything saved and backed-up!! WRONGGGGGGGGGG!! DOUBLE WRONG!!

I have spent all week every possible minute that I was able to, working on re-installing all of my designing stuff!! Yea, my computer crashed and I have no one to blame but myself! I download a duplicate file finder, and deleted the duplicate files, so I thought! Well I knew almost right away that I screwed up!! And basically, I removed all of my windows system 32 dll files! Let's just say that will NEVER happen again!! Luckily, I was smart enough to immediately start saving what hasn't been saved since April! Wasn't that bad, until I had to re-format the computer not once, but twice!!! And then I had to re-install everythingggggg!!! All my files, folders, Designer Resource/CU products, Actions, Filters, Plug-ins and then install them into my PSE! Which by the way was missing 2 dll files too. Ughhhhhhhhh, are you getting the feeling that this wasn't a pleasant event? LOL.

Anyway, after a week of doing this I discovered yesterday that I lost all of my actions that I bought from! Yikes!! Oh no right? I had made the mistake of thinking that they were saved on the disc with my filters and plugin's. Which wasn't the case at all. I was so sick to my stomach and I thought I'd go through my saved emails from my purchases and see if the links were still available for download. Not!!! So I took a chance and emailed Miss and told her I had my reciepts for my purchases and asked if she would be so kind to help me. THANK YOU ROSE.LI!!! If you have never bought her actions or seen her products, you need to check them out. She does a wonderful job on them and most are Commercial Use Okay! Here's a link to her blog. She has her products just about everywhere, but if you go to her blog, on the left sidebar, there's a list of stores that she sells at. Check them out! I'd recommend her products to anyone that buys actions. And I'm not just saying that because she helped me, but because I use them all the time and love the results I get with them. AND some of the actions will work in PSE 4!!! If you'd like to know which ones, please let me know and I'll be glad to post the list here.

I have just about finished re-installing everything, and I'm just about where I can start designing and CT stuff again. But I wanted to be sure to tell you just how important it is to back-up what you have invested in. Not every designer will go above and beyond their call of duty to help you replace what you have lost. And I'm not saying will do this for everyone, so please don't think that. But I do want you to know that she's wonderful and I love her products!!! And also to remind you that every time you invest in new products, you should make sure you save them to CD/DVD so that you always have a back-up copy for situations like this. We never know when this little square box in front of us is going to dye with or without notice and you will be out lots of money!! So please learn from my lesson today, BACK-UP EVERYTHING!!! Well I'll try to get something for you all very soon. Be sure to come back and check up on me soon, as you never know when I'll post. LOL.
Happy Scrapping,

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jburkhart said...

Great news to hear that Roseli was able to get you your actions that you lost from her! Whew - what a week it had been for you! Hugs! I am glad to hear that you got it all working again and can get back to the fun of designing again.
Big hugs!