Monday, February 02, 2009

It's February Already?? LOL

Hello Everyone,
Can you believe we are now into February? It's been totally insane around my house this last month. And time got away from me the last few days, that's why this post is late. Hey! It's better late then never right? Ok, here we go off into the world of Digital Scrapbooking...

First off, I wanted to tell you that you have to check out this months Club Deco!!! We something for everyone in this one, with a name like Puppy Love Letters, how can you not?! Here's a small sample preview of what you will receive in February, for the Club Deco Membership. This preview says NOTHING about all of the cute and adorable elements that are included in this months' kits. There's puppies, flowers, doodles, swirls, and everything else too.

Here's the preview of what I have designed for this months Puppy Love Letters:
I could of easily kept going on this theme. But I had to save something for the other designers to create for the Mega Kit too. :) So are you interested in Digital Scrapbooking?? Maybe you want more for the $$? Well then you need to check out the details for becoming a Club Deco Member now at

Here's the QP's that I made using my portion of the Mega kit, Puppy Love Letters:
This is my love of my life, Bobby. He's got a heart of gold and is so good to me. I'm always trying to take a good photo of him, but he's always goofing around or he moves as I hit the button, LOL. So here's one of him on the PHONE! LOL. It was over 80 degrees and we went outside letting Lillie run some energy off, and she ended up playing in her sandbox instead. LOL.

This one is of my DD, Lillie, for those that may be new to my blog, she's our only daughter and the youngest of our children. I think if I would of had her first, I wouldn't have had anymore!! She's something else I tell ya. LOL. I love her so much but there's days (and long, longgggggg nights) that she just doesn't stop. We joke about her being the energizer bunny, keeps going, and going and going.... LOL. It's nothing for her to still be awake at midnight! Ugh! With all of that said, I still wouldn't change a thing. :) In fact, this LO says it pretty much! LOL. She was supposed to be asleep it was after 10:30pm this night. I headed into her room to put her into her bed and turn off the TV, there she was sitting on the foot of her bed with 2 chairs side by side and her teddy bear! Like she was at the movies!! She had it going on too! LOL. I about died!! She's only 2 1/2 yrs old and you see what she does??? LMAO. It's amazing I have all of my hair still. :)
Ok now onto the good stuff... Here's the preview of Michaele's Template Challenge for Feb. I'm really looking forward to getting a chance to use this one too. I try to make sure I do her templates each month. They're awesome and lots of fun to experiment with too. :) Come check it out at Deco-Pages Template Challenge.

Oh yeah, I can't forget to tell you that we're also having a special Scavenger Hunt at too. You will have to stay tuned for more info and hints too... Did I mention there was going to be freebies too?? So make sure you come back to see me. The Valentine's Scavenger Hunt starts on Feb 8th, so don't miss out!! I'll be back soon to share more details with you all about that.

Also I wanted to mention that I have my Forever Mine kit available in my store, for a special price of $1.99!!! Hurry this deal won't last forever... ;) I hope to have another Valentine's Day kit available by this weekend... so be sure to watch for that.

I'm taking a break from my ABC Challenge for the month of February, so you be sure to join me again for that in March! :) That's all I have for you today. Thank you for joining me and I hope to see you over at!!
Happy Scrapping,

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Angel:)
I thought I would pop in to see what's new with you.:) I love your new kits and the layouts are so cute! Your hubby one is so sweet!
I layout with Lillie.hehe.She has really grown and is adorable!!!:) I have been babysitting my great niece who is Lillie's age.She copies everything we do...and wears me out..totally!!LOL They are a lot of fun at that age too..she just has sooo much energy!!!! I am relieved when she takes her nap..cause I need one too then.hehe
Well..I need to get back to reloading my programs..but wanted to be sure to say hi first.:)