Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Red Shouldered Hawks LO

Hello Everyone,
You are probably going to think I've lost it, as there's not many at my age that care about wildlife with a passion. I have since I was a little girl, and this is no exception for me. We have Red Shouldered Hawks nesting in the woodlands behind our house. These birds are beautiful and I have finally been able to have a close enough encounter with them that I could snap these amazing pics which I used in this LO: Please see credits for this LO HERE.
There's at least 6 hawks that are nesting behind our house that I've been able to see. They're in the peak of their mating season, which is why they're so actively flying around. These hawks sound so similar to a Bald Eagle cry, that they use their cry in the movies where you see and hear Bald Eagles flying. I thought that was pretty neat.

If you are old enough to know, we used to use a chemical called DDT, before we realized that it was causing so many effects on the wildlife, including but not limited to the birds egg shells were so soft, that when they'd try to warm the eggs it would break the shell and the eggs would die. That DDT chemical is responsible for so many wildlife Endangered Species and probably even the Extincted too. It's so sad, but at least we found out and stopped using it before it was too late to save so many species. The Bald Eagle, and lots of other Eagles and Hawks were almost killed off completely before we were able to help bring them back. What does any of this really have to do with Scrapbooking, you may ask? Well isn't the reason we scrapbook is to preserve memories? I think that scrapbooking about wildlife is preserving important information about wildlife that some day may not ever be here if we stop caring about preserving. And how many of you actually seen or will get to see a Red Shouldered Hawk in person? Without my photos or this layout, many of you may never have gotten to see this Hawk. See what I mean, I'm helping you to always remember! And that's just what our moto is at Deco-Pages.com! " Let us help you to always remember " that's what I love so much about being apart of Deco-Pages. We are dedicated to helping you all preserve memories and your life for generations to come.

This just goes to show you that when you are scrapbooking whether it's digitally, paper or even hybrid, that you can scrapbook about anything and everything. What's your passion? What do you want your grand kids, great grand kids and others to remember about these days we are living right now? How are you expressing who you are and your passions about your life? When your great kids look at your scrapbooks, are they going to get a feeling of who you are/were just by reading your scrapbooks? Ask yourself these questions the next time you make that layout and see what direction it takes you...

I'll be back soon to share more with you all, but I just felt that I needed to share all of this with you today. I hope that I didn't bore you or don't think I've totally lost it! LOL. If you'd like to leave a comment, please do, but keep it clean. Until the next time...
Happy Scrapping,

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Angel:)
I don't think you've lost it at all.I appreciate your sharing your pics of those great hawks!!:)I would have a camera in my hand too if I saw them flying near my house.:)
I love taking pics of birds at my bird feeder and the squirrels that run and play out back.:)I must scrap them too..thanks for the idea:)

Have a wonderful weekend!!