Sunday, March 01, 2009

Welcoming ADSR 4 Racers to and more...

Hello Everyone,
I have lots of exciting news to share so let's get started...
First of all, I want to take this opportunity to Welcome all of the ADSR season 4 racers to! Everyone that participated in the race this season won a FREE month of Club Deco membership, 2 lucky runner ups get a 3 month membership, and the Grand Prize winners get 12 months of Club Deco membership!! So welcome to racers!! On behalf of all of the designers at Deco-Pages, we hope that you have signed up and started enjoying the Club Deco Membership benefits!! If you are a racer, and have not signed up please check with PatinParis and she'll help get you set up!

Club Deco- Everyone Is A Winner:
March's theme is Everyone Is A Winner, and we have come up with lots of great elements and fun pages for everyone to enjoy as a member of Club Deco! Here's a preview of just some of them in this months' MEGA kit, called Everyone Is A Winner!!
It's a versatile kit, but there's also some sports themed elements and there's something for everyone. From golf, baseball, and football, to Olympic sports too. We've tried to cover it all. :)
If you are interested in just trying out Club Deco Membership for one month to see if it's something you like, we have membership levels for everyone, $7.00 for one month, $15.00 for 3 months and 12 months for $36.00!! You can get more info about Club Deco in the forums at

March ABC Challenge:
Do you enjoy the ABC Challenge? Come join me this month and enjoy a great alpha set to use in your layout and then if you complete the requirements of the challenge, you will receive my Lucky Gold Alpha set for the posting prize. You can find the March ABC Challenge in the forums at

Next I have to share some exciting news with you, the Creative Team Members are using my Tweet Tweet kit for the Creative Team Challenges!! Woo Hoo!!

First up is the March Lyric Challenge:

Which can be found at This sounds like a neat challenge, the host gives you the Lyric's to a song and you have to use them in your LO. You should come check it out! For participating she'll give you these 2 QP's!

Next is the Brag Book Challenge:
You can come join in the fun of this challenge in the forums at You are given a certain color to use in your brag book pages, you can use different shades of the color, but not any other colors. Sounds like a challenge to me! For participating in the challenge, the host will give you these 2 QP's.

And finally, they have the March Journaling Challenge:
This is a great way to come out of your box and learn to be more creative with your journaling. The host has chosen the theme and it's up to you to journal about the subject. When you complete this challenge you will receive these 2 QP's!

As a March newsletter reader, you will receive this bright and cheery mini kit in the newsletter this month! Search the flowers in the background of the newsletter to collect the pieces of this kit made by me!

I'm also hosting a new challenge this month, called the photography challenge. I'm making the posting prize which will coordinate with the newsletter freebie. So if you like the freebie, get in on this challenge and get more to go with it for completing the challenge. You can find the photography challenge in the forums at!

And now for a little more personal note, I went to Oklahoma City to my best friends' wedding on Feb. 15th, which was a total surprize for her. She had no idea I was coming and was going to be her Maid of Honor. Talk about a hard secret to keep! LOL. Anyways, I used Michaele's Feb. Template Challenge to make this wonderful LO of such a special moment! I also used February Puppy Love Letters Club Deco Mega Kit for the LO. :) I really like how it turned out.

Well that's about all I have for you today, check back soon and see what else is going on! :)
Happy Scrappin',

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