Sunday, May 24, 2009

Attention PSE 4.0 Users!!

Hello Everyone,
If you know me or have been keeping up with my blog, you all know that I've been searching for actions that will work in PSE 4.0. Well I came across a really nice lady one night while on my search for something new. Her name is Scrappy Shannon, and she sells at Pretty Scrappy. If you haven't checked out her products, you should. I just finished testing 2 actions for her in PSE 4.0! And guess what? They work!! Woo Hoo!! We worked together to figure out how to get them to work and after a couple hours, I was able to get it all working correctly. So if you are looking to buy some actions, here's the 2 that I am completely pleased with and thankful to have!!

First one is Quality Control Action, as a designer you know how important it is to have stray-free elements and also those pesty drop shadows that take hours of painful eye strain to remove. Well this action will show it all to you and takes minutes verses hours or even days to remove all of the strays and shadows for you. Best of all it works in PSE 4.0! Right now it's on sale at a great bargain!! You don't want to go without this action any longer.

And finally I've been just waiting and wanting this one... It's an alpha template maker and cutting action!! Anyone who has made an alpha before, knows how much of a pain it is to cut out each letter, number and symbol from the sheet and save each one to a folder and name them. Are you ready for this?? This action lets you create your alpha (even lets you change the font) and then cuts out each letter (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols, saves each one to separate folders. As you all know I host the ABC Challenge at, so this is the perfect action for me and I love it!! I've already made June's alpha sets and will be working on more soon. This has cut the time I spend on making an alpha set from start to finish, down by close to 80%!! I'm not kidding you. Yes you still need to rename the files, as you want your designer name on each of them, but to me that's nothing compared to the time wasted on doing it all yourself!! Right now, Scrappy Shannon has this action on sale too. Sales are good! LOL.

But WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL.... as my blog reader she's given me this coupon code to share with you all to save even more!! This is the coupon code: actions to save $1.50 off, good through 6/15/09 and it's good for anything in her store! Woo Hoo, run, don't walk and see all of her great products.

Thank you so much Shannon for letting me test these actions for you, and also to have them to use in my program. That's a huge blessing right there!! Hugs!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that I have helped you also in the battle of finding actions that will work in PSE 4.0! I'm always looking, but rarely find, and when I do I try to tell you about them!
Hugs and Happy Scrapping.

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