Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Hello Everyone,
No I didn't fall off the face of the Earth! LOL. I've been extremely busy putting lots of things together over at Deco-Pages and also trying to get my designing in. There's been so much going on these days... Lillie has started a Mother's Day Out group (it's like preschool) and she loves it!! I'm try to use some of that time for just "Me Time" as I always put myself last, and then use some of it as designing time, which is much needed. LOL. I have lots to share with you and I apologize for being so late posting this month. I've been lost in deadlines and crunching time. So let's get started...

Happy Fourth Birthday
Come and join us in the Deco-Pages forums today and make new friends and find out how you can receive these sampler kits and others for FREE, today is the last day for the samplers!

These are just a sample of the Mega Collab kit that several members of the Design Team have put together to celebrate Deco-Pages 4th Birthday!!

Here's my preview of the contribution I have made for the Mega Collab kit, called, Scrappers Delight:
This is just a TINY sample of the kits that have been designed for this celebration, so please check out Scrappers Delight kit in the store for complete details and individual designers previews.

And as a blog reader, here's some awesome news...
That's right, get the Mega Collab kit Scrappers Delight, FREE!!! with any $10.00 or more purchase in the Deco-Pages store between now and September 20th, 2009! Now how can you pass up that great deal?!

ABC Challenge

Do you enjoy alphas? Well come join me in the September ABC Challenge forum at and earn the entire alpha set! These are the previews for the challenge and the posting prize alpha sets. Find out all the details of the challenge in the
September ABC Challenge forum.

September Template Challenge:
Love templates? Why not give it a try with Michaele's template challenge at Deco-Pages? She does an awesome template each month and for posting your LO using the template, she gives you a great posting prize! If you have never tried to use a template, why not give it a try today! Don't be afraid to give it a try, you really might like it!

Font Challenge
Maybe you are a font junkie? Do you love using new fonts? Why not participate in the September Font Challenge and earn a great posting prize, plus get this awesome font to add to your collection?! Find out all of the details of this challenge in the font challenge forum!
Deco My Ad
Are you looking for inspiring new looks for your layouts? Why not come and join this challenge and never look at the ADs in the same way again!

Each month, Wildcat Designs will post a new AD to give you inspiration to create a new layout from. Learn more about this challenge in the Deco My Ad forum.

Club Deco Mega Kit ~ Sew Many Apples

Here's my contribution preview for the September Club Deco Mega kit, Sew Many Apples! Please remember this is only 1 contribution to the mega kit.

Not a club deco member? Why not join today!!

I have linked the LO's to my DP gallery so that you could click on them to read them better, HTH's! Finally, here's Lillie's 1st day of preschool layouts! Someone told me that they made her cry too when we read them, so you might want some Kleenex!! LOL. Thank you all so much for stopping by my blog and hope you enjoyed reading it today! Until next time!
Happy Scrappin',


Robbi and Mike said...

Loved reading your blog this morning....Wow you have been so busy...where do you find the time to get it all done. Darling kits, Alpha and love all the Challenges at Deco Pages!
Awww, you'r right needed Kleenex, she is growing up way too fast.
Big Hugs and TTYS!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Angel.:)
Your assignment for today is....hehe.
LOVE your blog today.Wow..there's a lot happening over here!!!:) LOVE your layouts of Lilly too!! Had to get the magnifying glass to read them though.hehe You know..age does things to your eyesight.:)
You are right..Lilly IS growing up so fast.Wow!I know how you feel..and it was just about as bad for me when my youngest son moved out on his own.That's my BABY...thank you very much!!LOL Yes..I cried too as I was helping him move out.It's like a part of my heart just walked out the door.He got married..and now has his own I can't blame him.He is being loved.:)
Hate to run..but Katlyn will be here any minute now...:)