Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Reminder Of What Family Really Is...

Hello Everyone,
I have something special to share with you all this afternoon.  My Sister-In-Law, Jane, is the niece of Duane Allen and sent me this wonderful video of the Oak Ridge Boys newest song, Mama's Table.  I think this wonderful meaningful song and with most of preparing for the holidays, that I need to share this right here on my blog.  Here in the the scrapbooking community, we all work so hard to honor our families and the memories of our loved ones!  So please take a moment to listen to their newest song... Mama's Table:

I think after listening to this song you will agree that it's the perfect time of the year for the release of this song, but more importantly to remind us all what the holidays are really about!!  Please help spread the word of their song and post this song on your blog.  :)  Happy Holidays to All!
~ Jennifer

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