Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Yikes, What Happened To Me?!?

Hello Everyone,
Yikes, I can't believe I haven't posted something sooner!!  LOL.  My bad!!  Ok so if you don't see me on Facebook, then you have no idea what and where I've been!!  I must say some has been life changing and some were just awesome events in my life.  To say the least!!

So what in the world am I talking about?  Well short version...
The end of February my oldest son, Scotty made contact with me and we've been working on our relationship, which included me being invited to his High School Graduation!!  Can you believe that, he GRADUATED!! Wow I really feel old now to say that I have a son that graduated from High School, LOL. Although I'm still young, I had him at a very young age of 17 yrs old!  There's some awesome pics of our reunion after 11 yrs of being apart.  That is one of the greatest days of my life other then giving birth to my children. I have 3 of them and they all mean the world to me!  :)

Anyways... so I had to get busy painting to save money for our trip to Reno, NV to make it to his graduation. Although I didn't know until late April that I was invited. :)  So I had to bust a move and long story short we made it a road trip in June, to see my hometowns from my childhood and a few family members and friends.

We left Azle, TX and drove the first day to Flagstaff, AZ.  That was the longest one day drive of our trip, which is 14 hrs going there.  I won't even talk about the hotel we stayed in, LOL.  Thankfully it was only for a few hours of sleep and then we hit the road again. From Flagstaff, AZ we drove to Napa, CA where we stayed 2 nights with my sister who I hadn't seen in 12 yrs!! I also got to see my oldest niece, Rochelle, who just had her first baby, my great-niece, Ayanna in Feb.  While we were there, we drove out the Sonoma Coast line and took a ton of pics, and spent time with my sister. The next day was the hardest one as it was more about facing my childhood towns/memories.  This was a very, very hard and emotional journey in my life and changed the way I see things in many ways. One of the houses I spent almost 13 yrs of my childhood in, I have not seen in 21 years!!!  I had NO idea what to except to see when we got there and I was completely overwhelmed and devastated to say the least. Nothing was at all as it was in my memories!!  The acres of land that me and so many of my childhood friends used to play in is now sadly homes, the roads are definitely not as wide as they seemed either. Too many changes and I can't say they were for the better. :(  My grandmother's house is the same way, been at least 10 yrs since I've been there after she died the house was sold.  Even that street/neighborhood has changed so much that it really hit me hard!  I couldn't believe it!!  After seeing this we were headed back on the road to Reno, NV to see my son for the first time in 11 yrs!!! I was excited, nervous and a wreck to say the least! LOL.  We got there and checked into the hotel and got some rest, the following day was his graduation and our first meet. I think it went better then I thought it was going to and I'm so thankful every day that God has brought us back together again!  We spent 3 nights there in Reno, NV.  We drove over to Lake Tahoe to spend a few hours and then we had to say our goodbyes as we were headed out at 4am to head for FLagstaff, AZ.  We got there and had a much better hotel and I'd definitely stay again in this one!!  LOL.  We got some sleep and headed out again at 5am for home, well okay that was the plan until we hit the highway!  LOL.  Bobby asked if we wanted to go see the Grand Canyon really quick while we were there and then head home.  So of course we all said yes!  After driving for 1 1/2 hrs we made it to the First Look-Out area at 6:30am and can you say brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Here we are all dressed in shorts and tank tops for the drive home and guess what??  IT'S ONLY 49 DEGREES!!!  OMG I thought I was going to die!!  We went out to the lookout area took as many pics as I could and then we headed back to the car.  One the way back to the car, we saw some Mule Deer crossing the path in front of us.  All I can say is wow, they actually stood there and let me get some pics before they ran off. Then we hit the car and had another 16 hr drive in front us to get home.  Ugh!!!  That was the longest drive of my life.  We were getting so tired, cranky kids and just being ready to be home already. So we finally get about 40 miles from our house, Bobby and I were driving about an hr each at a time and Lillie gets sick in the backseat!!  OMG not in the new HHR!!!  Oh yeah she throws up all over the seat and yourself, so I put Kailyn in the front seat so I can help Lillie when she does get sick again.  I was praying it was just motion sickness but heck no, we get home and the next 3 days she's sick and I'm trying to keep us from getting it too. Needless to say it didn't slow down from there for us...

We had Father's Day, Lillie's b-day on the 22nd, Family wedding on the 26th, and the 27th Lillie's party at our house. Whew, are you as tired and wore out as we are??? LOL.  Then we had July 4th BBQ, Kailyn started her Volleyball Camp on Monday and Lillie had a Dr Appt too on Monday. 

Somewhere in the middle of all of this from the road trip to this last weekend I was able to finally finish a kit I had started in May!!  LOL.  Busy, busy!!  Oh yeah if you'd like to see my pics from our trip, you can add me on Facebook and I'll accept your friends invite. :)  I haven't even had a chance to do my scrapbooking pages of the trip or anything, but most of the pics are there on Facebook...
Well I hope to keep you all updated with my sales and new releases better then I have in the past.  But as you can see some times we must take a break and enjoy life!!

Happy Scrapping,

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