Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Years and to remind you all to be safe, Don't Drink & Drive!!!  We'll be staying home with Lillie and watching the Ball drop in NYC on TV.  That way Lillie can have fun and we're all at home and safe! I hope to see you all in the New Year!  Here's to 2011!!!

I've been so busy that I've put my own scrapping off to the side until this month.  Now I'm playing catch up and have been working to get my Project 12 Challenge LO's caught up too.  Here's the past 5 months except for Decembers' LO of 2010:
July was recovery from a one week road trip and getting things back into order around the house and yard. It was also the growing season for all of the lawn we have, so spent 2-3 days a week mowing, weed eatting and watering it all. LOL. It was quite warm, but not blistering this year, so we managed to get a lot of clean up done.  We tore down the old shed that was in the backyard, it was in poor shape and we didn't use it anyway. Then spent most of the month digging up tree roots, pressure washing the concrete to make it clean and pretty for a sitting area by the swimming pool. We even built a retaining wall around the tree in the front yard and hopes of planting some flowers there.  We trimmed the lower branches off the tree and can't believe the difference it made.  I started my diet to lose 48 lbs this month too.

 August was another busy, hot month for us, as most summer months are around here. I made 2 birthday cakes for Abigail's B-day, we had lots of Hummingbirds this year and it reminded me of living at my G-ma's house in CA. We had lots hummingbirds there. Lillie finally started public school, Pre-K.  She loves it and it's a welcoming break for me also.  Bobby bought me a brand new computer that upgrades to 16GBs of memory!!  It's awesome and love it.  Lillie pulled another one of her quiet adventures and decided that she was going to play in my perfumes, came out smelling like a French you know what. LOL. Ughhhh! Our cousin, Jennifer had her 4th baby, Chandler!!  She's the sweetest thing ever. And of course, Lillie finally got that Pillow Pet she's been asking for!

 Septemeber was a welcoming break from the heat. Hummingbirds are still buzzing around and fighting over the necter from the feeder. The front yard is looking awesome!! Lillie was enjoying the summer breeze in the shade, on the tarps. We took the swimming pool down early as we had there was a lot of tropical storms coming our way.  If and when they make it up to Hurricanes we get a huge amount of rain which turns the pool to yuck anyways.  We got the rain from Hurricane Hermine, which was a huge relieve from the heat and welcoming rain. I pressure washed my leg, trying not to slip on the hill in wet grass. Ughhh. The flowers and plants are all growing nicely and now it's time to start cleaning up weeds again. My red rose out front is getting ready for 2nd blooming season.
 October was a fairly quiet month, without much going on. Lillie was invited to her 1st classmate's b-day party which was a halloween themed party.  She was so excited. She also had 1st Class Photos taken, and was such a good girl for picture day! Also they had a pumpkin project in class, which we took her to the pumpkin patch for the 1st time to pick out a pumpkin for her project.  She loved the patch and getting to pick out a tiny pumpkin to take home too. We'll be going back there again!  Nice and friendly place. Then on Halloween we went to the church Fall Festival and went on a hay ride, played games and then we took her trick or treaking around the neighborhood on the way home. She got so much candy that her pale handle broke!  LOL.

November was a very busy month!! We had a weekend trip to Austin to see some of Bobby's friends from school in Anson. We all met up at Suzanne & John's house. On the way to Austin, we stopped at Georgetown, TX to see Inner Space Caverns!  Lillie loved it and we took lots of photos of the caverns and even saw a few of the Cavern Bats. Awesome place to see if you like that kind of adventure. Then we moved on to Austin and went by the State Capital Building.  We went with a mission to find our SIL's father and siblings photos on the wall. After asking a few of the employees, we managed to find them all on the basement floor level on the wall. I took some photos of them for my SIL and really enjoyed seeing the history of the building and grounds. 

Lillie loved having her photos taken in front of many statues around the grounds, including the statues that are dedicated to the school children of the Texas Schools!  They are so cute, there's several statues of school age children playing in the grassy courtyard.

And finally here's some more photos of the trip. We stayed the night in Austin and the next morning, we went by the UT Campas to take some photos. We are Texas Longhorn Fans so we had to do it! LOL. I found some neat statues in a courtyard, and I made Bobby stop long enough for me to jump out and take some photos of them and then we had to get on the road to come back home. So I didn't get to investage what the statues were there in memory/honor of but I'll be sure to find out. All of the entry doors on the stateum doors have this huge seal on them, thought it was cool.  LOL.  And this stateum is HUGE!!!  I knew it was big, but never thought it was that big!!  Amazing site to see. :)
Well now that I bored you with my LO's of the past 5 months, here's something for you to think about... I did these layouts as a way of preserving our family memories of every month.  I don't have the patience or the time to do the daily challenge, 365 project, and I saw this challenge called Project 12 in a magazine, so I thought it was amazing and what a wonderful way to help us all preserve our memories!  So I re-did the challenge to make it easier for all levels of experience paper and digital scrappers to join in the challenge. I hosted it from January - November 2010 at, until the site closed and then I moved it to my blog until I was able to find a more permenment home for my challenge.  So now I'm inviting you all to come and join us in a brand new store called Flights Of Fancy and I'll be hosting my Project 12 Challenge on the store blog monthly, you can find the blog here:  It will start up in January, so get those camera charged and ready to go to start taking photos of your memories today! If you haven't been over to see the store, you need to come and see as we're starting to get some new products in the store now. :)  Sign up for the store newsletter and we'll see ya in 2011... Be safe y'all!!
Happy New Year 2011!!!


Deb Ammerman said...

Your pages turned out great! I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year! :)

Jean said...

Happy New Year, Jennifer! I'm so pleased that you've gotten your Project 12 pages done. They are looking great.

You can see my final ones for 2010 here: