Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Trimming Trees and all...

Hello Everyone,
It's been a busy month already for me.  I was finally able to sit down long enough to get the photos off my camera from my attempt to do Scrapbooks Ect's Trim The Tree art and craft project! 

So here's a photo of the tree we did our own twist on.  This was our (Lillie and I's) first attempt at doing a craft project together where she had to be patient and work with me rather then having it all prepped and ready to put together. LOL. 

I remembered really quick why I always have everything all prepped and ready for her to go to town on craft projects!  She doesn't have patience to sit, wait until things are ready and has to touch everything!  LOL.  SO lesson learned on this project, and I'll remember to make sure that I do it ahead of time.  LOL.

This is a plain jane tree and no decor on it.  Like I said it's the first attempt to do it and I was having to stop and take photos at every step.  Why you might be asking?  Because I ventured out on my own and decided that I'd try it with some supplies that surely we all have just laying around the house.  :)  When I get a little more time to work on putting the project together and set up the tutorial for you, I'll post it here on my blog!  :)
Next up we had our town Annual Christmas Parade in downtown on Dec 4th.  It was the first time we decided to go and we took our neighbors with us, they have a daughter who's in the Dazzlers and was in the parade.  :)  We had a great time even though we froze to death!  LOL.  Oh well next time we'll be sure to take lots of chairs and blankets for everyone to sit in.  Here's a few of the photos from the Azle Christmas Parade...

Azle only has about 10,950 residents!  That's why it's such a small parade.  We love our small town life. :)

And finally here's a photo of our Christmas tree in our house this year.  We moved it to the dining room corner this year.  We normally have it next to the fireplace corner of living room, but we didn't want to rearrange the house to do it.  So I decided to put the tree in the dining room and it looks so good there in the corner of the room, by the sliding glass door.  :)

I still need to wrap all of the presents for Lillie and get them under the tree.  But I'm not looking forward to fighting to keep her from unwrapping them.  LOL. So I think I'll wait another week before I put them under the tree.  I'll take some better pics of the tree when I get a chance. :)

Well I can't forget it was my boyfriend's b-day on Dec 5th, so here's a photo of him and Lillie with the chocolate cake I made him... :)  Lillie had just got out of the bathtub minutes before this photo was taken but she wasn't going to wait to sing happy birthday to her Daddy! 

Happy Scrapping,


Deb Ammerman said...

Wonderful photo of your little craft project! You're photos from the parade turned out great, sorry it was so cold! I think your tree looks great in the dining room! And that birthday cake looks yummy, I hope you saved me a sliver! :)

Angels Digi Scraps said...

Thanks Deb, possible snow flurries here tonight. Ugh I so hate these cold winter months. I will hide a piece in the microwave for you! ;) HAHA.